‘Boom and bust’: What you need to know about the latest developments in Australian politics

AUSTRALIAN politics is in full swing, with new leader Tim Nicholls facing his first election in more than two decades.

The party’s poll ratings are in flux, with some voters saying the Coalition has gone too far and some calling for a fresh start.

Mr Nicholls is the latest in a string of Coalition leaders to face a second or third term.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is in a similar situation as Mr Nicholls, with Labor facing a fresh election.

However, Mr Nicholl has been in power for less than two years and will have to find his footing in the political environment.

He said his party’s electoral strategy was “absolutely the right one”, but the time to change is now.

“I think we’ve got to change our strategy and think about how to do it in the next few years and what is the next best thing?” he said.

New political parties can’t be a ‘free lunch’ Mr Nichols said the Coalition had a “unique set of issues” that it could not ignore.

“[I]t’s a very unique set of problems that we can’t just solve on our own.

There is a need to have a government with a clear vision and a clear strategy, that will not just sit around waiting for the next election.”

The new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has been the leader of the Coalition since March last year.

But the Labor Party is also in the midst of a leadership contest.

Rudd said the party needed a new leader to address its policy priorities and “change the way people think about politics”.

Mr Rudd said the key to forming a strong government was a “strong and stable government” and a “steady economy”.

He pointed to a series of economic decisions, including an increase in the minimum wage and the closure of a coal seam gas exploration site.

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AUSTRALIAN politics is in full swing, with new leader Tim Nicholls facing his first election in more than two decades.The…

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