How to add an ad blocker to your WordPress site

Ads are an essential part of the web, but how to add them to your site is more of a challenge.

Ad blocking software is one way to do this, but the problem is that the software is designed to work on every website, regardless of how it was built.

That means that any site that was built in 2011 or later, or a site built in the last 10 years, is out of luck.

Ad blockers aren’t just for mobile phones, they’re also available for desktop and laptop computers.

In this article, I’ll give you some tips on how to install an ad blocking solution, and then I’ll walk you through a few scenarios to help you get started.


Choose the right software Ad blocking isn’t just a matter of setting up a server to block ads.

The best software for blocking ads can be tailored to fit your needs.

Here are some of the most popular options: AdBlock Plus, which can block ads for all websites, and also includes tools to manage your personal preferences.

Adblock Plus is free for people who subscribe to a free plan.


Set up an AdBlock account You can get AdBlock Premium for free from Google, but I’m going to be using AdBlockPlus for the sake of this article.

AdBlock is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS devices.

Ad Block Plus offers a free trial, but it requires a minimum of one ad-blocking browser installed on your computer.

To learn more, visit


Download AdBlock Pro AdBlockPro is available as a standalone program for Windows and Mac computers, and it also comes with a subscription.

Ad blockers that are compatible with AdBlock have also been available for Android, which is an option you may want to consider if you’re going to use AdBlock as a blocker.

Ad blocks can also be downloaded for iOS devices and Windows phones, which are the only platforms that AdBlock can work on.

Adblocks can also work on Macs, and some Mac OS X apps can be ad-supported.

AdBlocks can also block third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram.

Adblocking apps can also offer a free version of the free version that allows you to use their own ads.

For example, you can use Adblock Pro to block Google Ads on your website, or Adblock Lite to block Facebook Ads.


Set a cookie on your device Adblock will not work on devices with the Google Analytics Plugin installed.

However, you do have to enable Adblock in your browser.

For this article I’ll use Ad Block Lite, which requires you to install the Google Adblock plugin.

Ad Blocks can be installed by going to Settings, Privacy, and Security.

Once you’re there, click on the Adblock button.

Click on the menu button next to “Add to Favorites.”

This will take you to, and there you’ll see the options to enable or disable AdBlock for the current page.

AdBlocking apps that support AdBlock are usually free, but AdBlock Lite has some premium options.

Adblocking apps can have ad blocking options that are available in the app store, and if you use a browser plugin, you’ll also be able to control how the ad blocker behaves on your devices.

For more information, visit Google’s AdBlock site.


Install AdBlock on your phone The next step is to install AdBlock in your phone.

If you’re not sure what browser plugins you should use, you may also want to check out this article on setting up AdBlock and how to manage it.

You can install Adblock for free on the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, and the AdBlock app for iOS has a free option.

Once installed, you have to configure AdBlock settings on your iPhone.

To do this you’ll need to sign into your iPhone using your Google account.

On the Settings page, click the “Adblock” menu.

Select the “Permissions” option, and from there you can choose whether you want AdBlock to allow you to block all or just some ads.

If the option to allow only blocking ads is checked, then AdBlock will automatically set up a custom AdBlock cookie on the device.

If it’s not checked, you will be asked to choose a different option.

In my experience, AdBlock allows me to block a lot of ads, but you should definitely consider whether you’d rather have the option of blocking a large number of ads or to block just the ones you like.

If AdBlock has a cookie option, you should also configure Adblock to block cookies that are specific to your browser and browser plugin.

In general, the more advanced AdBlock plugins require a subscription, but most AdBlock users have unlimited ad-block time on their devices.


Create a new AdBlock Adblock account Create an Adblock Account, and you’ll be

Ads are an essential part of the web, but how to add them to your site is more of a…

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