Reductio is a popular ad for Safeway, but is it a parody?

Reducti is an ad for the Safeway grocery store chain, and is meant to be a parody of the SaveMart ad, which is an absurdly overused ad technique used to get consumers to save money.

Reducto, which was originally designed by AdWeek, is also a catchy parody of an old-fashioned ad slogan: “You’ve got a problem.

You gotta call a cab.”

Reductios ad has been used over and over in ad campaigns for decades, including for the likes of Burger King and Wendy’s.

But its use in Safeway’s ad is unusual.

“Safeway has always used the Save Mart ad to promote its products,” Safeway spokesperson Michael Fagan told Ars.

“We did not intend to make a parody.”

That’s not surprising.

Safeway is not a big company, and Safeway has only recently come out with new products, such as its new grocery delivery service.

“This ad is a good example of why Safeway should not be taken seriously by ad creatives, but we’re not trying to make fun of Safeway,” Fagan said.

But Reductito is not the first Safeway ad that has been misinterpreted to be in bad taste.

“Adweek is known for our deep-dish-in-the-mouth-bashing and extreme-bitter satire, and Reduct io is nothing more than a fun joke for Safeways fans,” wrote the ad critic and ad writer Adam Bernstein on Twitter.

Bernstein is also the author of The Art of the Deal: The Art and Science of Buying and Selling for Profit.

Reducti is an ad for the Safeway grocery store chain, and is meant to be a parody of the SaveMart…

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