‘I’m the last American’ – Obama: ‘This isn’t a race’

President Barack Obama is warning that the United States is facing an existential crisis.

The president told the crowd in Charleston, South Carolina that the nation is faced with a choice between two candidates, former President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders.

“It’s a very stark choice,” Obama said.

“We’re living in a world in which, if we can elect a president who represents the interests of the middle class, and who is not beholden to the wealthy, it would be a gift to the world.”

“And it’s also a choice in which the choice is between a world where we have less opportunity for everyone, and we’re going to make it harder for people to get ahead, or we’re just going to continue to take care of those who can least afford it.”

Obama said there are only two choices, and they are: “Either we choose to be a superpower or we choose not to be.

And the choice we have to make is not between Trump and Sanders, but between the American dream and the American nightmare.

It’s not between a billionaire with $1 trillion and a middle-class family struggling to make ends meet.

It is not even between a President who promises us that the rich will get richer and a President that promises us the middle- and working-class families who want to stay in the middle will have a better life.”

Obama was speaking at the annual luncheon for the National Governors Association, the nation’s top business lobby.

He is also scheduled to speak at the National Urban League’s annual meeting in Washington, DC.

Obama’s remarks come a week after he was confronted by a crowd of angry protesters in the city, which is largely white, as he prepared to address the NAACP’s annual convention.

The president is not scheduled to address that gathering again until September.

The crowd booed and heckled him as he was driven from the event and to his car.

“You want me to apologize for the fact that I was booed?,” Obama asked.

“But that’s OK.

You’re right.

I’m a big fan of being able to talk about the challenges of the day, about what I think is going to be best for the future of this country.”‘

I’m sick of the same old stuff’The president is urging people to “get up, stand up, and vote” this November in the first-in-the-nation primary elections.

He added that he hopes to “change the face of American politics” by defeating the two remaining candidates, but also by challenging the status quo.

Obama said he’s been speaking at public events around the country since the beginning of the year, and he has received “hundreds of phone calls and emails” from Americans who are sick of “the same old crap”.

“I’m very proud of you, people.

I know you want to be engaged.

I hope you’ll make a difference.

I want you to get up, you stand up and vote.

I really do,” Obama told the audience.

“I know that you’re tired of the status-quo politics that’s been put in place by a handful of billionaires, a handful.

You know that this is not just about the economy, it’s about the environment, it is about who’s going to hold power in Washington.

It really is about the future.

And that’s what this campaign is about.”

President Barack Obama is warning that the United States is facing an existential crisis.The president told the crowd in Charleston,…

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