How the Trump administration is working to roll back Obamacare

The Trump administration wants to roll the health care law back, and the GOP is playing catch-up.

The president has signed an executive order that would roll back some of the health law’s regulations, including a requirement that employers provide workers with health insurance coverage.

But he has also sought to repeal many of the laws signature features, including the expansion of Medicaid, the Medicaid expansion and the requirement that Americans purchase health insurance.

In addition, Trump signed an order Thursday to expand the use of the so-called cost-sharing reduction subsidies, a program that helps low-income Americans afford health insurance and other subsidies.

The subsidies have become a popular tool for small businesses, as many have been left out of the ACA marketplaces, and some of them are expected to be impacted by the order.

“They have a lot of people who are trying to figure out if they can get insurance, and it’s a little bit challenging for them,” said MaryAnn Spoto, a health policy expert at the Urban Institute.

“If you have a small business, it might not be that easy.”

The order is being driven by Republicans who have long argued that the ACA should be scrapped in favor of a system that has worked well for people who work for the government.

But there are limits to how much the administration can undo.

The order would have to go through Congress, and many Democrats have said they will not support a rollback of the law.

And even if they did, the health of millions of people would still be at risk.

“The administration’s attempt to rollback the ACA is an unprecedented assault on millions of Americans who are already struggling,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the ranking member of the House Democratic caucus.

“The law is already working well for millions of working Americans and their families, and this effort would destroy it.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

The law has been an economic boon for many Americans.

In addition to the ACA’s expansion of health insurance to millions of workers, it has also improved the economy by creating thousands of new jobs.

The health care bill that Republicans passed in May passed with overwhelming support, but some Republican lawmakers have criticized it as insufficiently generous to offset its cost.

The new executive order also calls for an overhaul of the way the federal government distributes federal funds, saying that federal agencies will no longer receive all of their money from the states, even though most states have been reluctant to comply with federal mandates under the ACA.

The Trump administration says the changes will not impact states, and that it has been working with states to devise a way to share their money with the federal programs.

The Trump administration wants to roll the health care law back, and the GOP is playing catch-up.The president has signed…

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