When Microsoft Ads for Android are gone, you’ll need to re-build them

By Alex Koppelman | 09/05/2018 12:05:27Google has made a ton of moves to improve the experience of mobile ads on Android devices.

But if you’re a desktop user, you might not be able to use Google apps on your Android device, because Microsoft’s Bing Ads have been removed from Android apps.

Microsoft’s own Windows 10 Mobile app is still able to display Bing ads on its mobile app, but the company is now telling developers that Bing ads won’t work in Android apps because of new changes in Bing Ads API.

Microsoft’s change was announced in a new blog post today that reads, “Bing Ads on Android won’t be available on Google apps in the near future.

We’ve made a few changes that should help make this a little easier for developers.”

Bing’s API allows developers to implement mobile ads for Microsoft’s Windows and Office apps.

If you’re using Bing for Windows, it’s no surprise that Bing Ads won’t appear on Windows 10 mobile apps.

Bing’s Windows app still supports Google’s mobile apps on desktop PCs and Chromebooks, but Windows Mobile apps won’t have Bing Ads.

Developers can still use Bing Ads on Google Chrome and Google Android apps, but Google doesn’t support Windows 10 apps.

For developers using Microsoft Office on Windows, Bing Ads aren’t a problem because Microsoft offers developers a way to embed Bing Ads in their own apps.

This is a new way for Microsoft to integrate Bing Ads with its apps.

Microsoft said it will continue to support Bing Ads for Office apps, and developers will be able embed them into their own Office apps on the same terms that they would with the Google Ad SDK.

However, Microsoft said developers will need to add Bing Ads to their apps once they are using it on Google’s platform.

The company also noted that Bing’s Android API still supports Android apps on Android phones, so developers can still embed Bing ads in their apps on Google devices.

Microsoft didn’t offer a timeline for when developers will get access to Bing Ads, and the company did not provide any guidance for how developers will implement these changes.

Microsoft has made other changes to its Android app, and some developers are calling this a departure from the company’s long-term plan.

Microsoft also released a guide that explained how to install Bing Ads from Google Play and how to use it with other Android apps that are running on the Windows 10 platform.

Microsoft has been rolling out a slew of improvements to the Android app experience in recent months.

The Bing Ads feature was added to the Google Play Store in March 2018, and Microsoft announced that Bing would be a part of Google Search in October 2018.

Google also launched Bing Ads support in the Google Home app, which Google also rolled out in October.

Microsoft added Google Search to Windows 10 devices in November 2018.

Microsoft launched Bing Search in March 2019 and also added Bing Ads as part of Windows 10 Insider Preview.

By Alex Koppelman | 09/05/2018 12:05:27Google has made a ton of moves to improve the experience of mobile ads on…

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