How to spot a fake ad on safeway

You might have seen ads for products you may have never heard of before, but these are all fake.

If you spot a real one, then it might not be as fake.

We’ve got a guide to spotting fake safeway ads.


Who is it for?

It’s a good idea to ask the person who made the ad what the purpose is.

Will it help them sell you something?

Will it make them money?

What’s their favourite brand?

The ad has to be tailored to the consumer.

If it’s not relevant, it won’t be seen by them.


Who has bought the product?

If you buy something online, you should ask them to confirm it’s genuine.

If they’re not, then you can look for a third party who will.


Where can I find it?

You can look at the product in the online store, or at your local retailer, such as Target, WalMart or Best Buy.


What can I do if I find a fake?

You should ask the retailer about their policy on fake safewords.

Some retailers have a no-return policy.

Other have an in-store policy.

Some offer refunds or exchange policies.


Is there a way to find out whether the product is real?

You’ll need to ask.

You can check out the website of a reputable online store.

If that’s not possible, you can use the online search function.


How to report fake ads to the police?

You don’t need to get a police report for an ad you’ve seen online, but you should be suspicious.

Police can investigate fraud or online threats.

If the advert you’ve spotted is fake, you might have to get in touch with the company.


Do I need to report a fake product?


You need to tell a fraud team the ad is fake.

You don,t have to go to the supermarket to buy a fake item.

If a fake advert appears, you could be asked to take the product back.


Is it a scam?

It depends on what you’re buying.

If your ad is really for a real product, then that’s a scam.

If, on the other hand, it’s a cheap knock-off, then there’s no reason to get involved.


What are some things you can do if you see a fake advertisement?

If it looks like it’s from a legitimate retailer, you’re probably seeing an ad for a cheap product.

If there’s nothing wrong with it, then go and ask the manufacturer if you can return the item.

You might have seen ads for products you may have never heard of before, but these are all fake.If you…

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