Goliath of Ad Age: The Giant Weekly ad is back, this time with a twist

The Giant weekly ad was always a thing, and now it’s back, along with a brand new twist.

The ad debuted with the ad for the new LG smartwatch on Thursday, a piece that quickly became the most-liked ad in the history of the ad agency.

AdWeek caught up with ad man John Hesse, who’s responsible for the Giant ad and other weekly ads, to talk about what the new ad means for advertisers, the challenges advertisers face in making the leap to digital, and more.

Adweek: What are you trying to do?

Hesse: We’re trying to create a brand.

That’s not to say we don’t have other brands out there.

We do have brands that have made a lot of money.

We have brands who have been around a long time, who have done great work, who’ve been around for a long period of time.

We want to bring a fresh and unique brand to the ad industry and to the advertising world.

Ad Week: You’re bringing in a brand with a history.

How do you feel about that?

Hsie: The brand’s a brand that we’ve created.

We’re not creating a new brand.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but we want to take it in a completely new direction and add something that’s new.

Ad week: The ad features a group of men, some wearing black hats.

How does the branding fit with your other campaigns?

HESS: I’m not going to be afraid to say it.

The Giant ad is our most powerful ad ever.

I think it’s a really powerful ad because it is a brand you’ve never seen before.

You’ve seen a lot in your life, and it’s not necessarily a brand which has been around in the past, or even for a decade.

So the brand is unique.

Advertisers can see it on a huge scale.

You can see the images that it takes to do the ad.

So you see it in different forms.

So that’s why we’re trying this brand, because we can’t take this brand and say “this is the best one.”

That’s a challenge for us, and that’s also the challenge for the ad people and the ad men, because there’s no one brand that’s been around forever.

Ad WEEK: You’ve done this ad for a while now.

How did this one come about?

HESSE: It’s just kind of a new experience.

I don’t know how we came up with this one.

We started to look at what we thought were the best advertising opportunities out there and it just seemed like it was the perfect fit.

Adweekly: How long did you think it would take to make this ad?

HERSE: It took us a year.

Admonth: Why did you decide to go with the brand?

HESA: Well, we really want to make the world better.

And one of the things that we’re most passionate about is people having a voice in their lives.

And when we looked at what was out there, we were like “well, maybe we should just go out and make a real change.”

So we put a lot into it and really invested in it and it took a lot out of us.

Ad newsletter: How big is the ad?

AdWeek: What is the story?

HSS: It really is a story of what happens to people who make a big difference.

So it’s really about a group that are working on the biggest problems in the world and making a difference in people’s lives.

AdNews: How did you come up with the idea for the brand, and how long have you been in the advertising industry?

HESE: We were just starting out, in 1999, and we were just really in the middle of our own branding business.

So we were really in that world and we had a few people who were really interested in brands.

And we were also starting to develop some brand relationships.

And so I was thinking, “Oh, we could do this.”

AdWeek.com: How much did it cost to make?

HSE: We put the whole thing together for about $1,500.

And then we got a lot more in the form of sponsorships.

AdWorld: The ads have been viewed by more than 10 million people.

How important is it to you that people get a good picture of the company?

HESCO: The goal is to give people the ability to be able to have a better understanding of our brand and our work.

AdMagazine: What do you like about the ad’s design?

HSO: The best part about it is that it’s pretty simple.

Advertising is very, very complicated.

And that’s what makes it so great.

AdAdvertising: Do you think you can build more brands? HTS

The Giant weekly ad was always a thing, and now it’s back, along with a brand new twist.The ad debuted…

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