How to get rid of Nike’s ad on your news feed

There’s a long history of people complaining about people selling off their Facebook posts and other social media content to pay for their shopping spree.

Now, the online retail giant is trying to tackle the problem by changing its advertising policy to limit what people can sell off.

The new rule would apply to all content on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, which means people who post to those platforms could be subject to a $100 fine.

The change is being rolled out in phases starting in April, and will apply to posts made on Facebook and Twitter starting in July, Facebook said in a statement.

People can still sell off posts to other platforms.

But it’s a much bigger change, and it could create a problem for brands and advertisers.

“When we introduced the rule last year, people were upset, and that’s been our experience,” Facebook Vice President of Public Policy Chris Johnson told CNNMoney.

“Now it’s clear that that’s not the case, and there are going to be people who are upset about it.”

It could mean a lot of headaches for brands.

Johnson said the new policy “sets a tone that’s going to encourage people to stop doing what they’re doing now, and we’re really excited to help people get back to their normal lives.”

But people could also find themselves being punished for making posts that might be too provocative, such as posting pictures of naked women.

And the new rule is being phased in in phases, so it could be months before the policy becomes in effect.

Some companies are already starting to take a closer look at whether the change is actually effective, as people have complained that they’ve lost a lot more money selling items on Facebook than they’ve made selling posts.

The biggest losers in the changes are brands like Amazon, which has had to cut back on how much it posts about its Prime service.

In addition, many of the companies that have been hit hardest by the social media ad crackdown have already started to rethink their strategies.

For example, Facebook is now rolling out a “no-click” ad that lets users sell their own posts, but some brands are looking to use other methods of advertising to keep their audiences engaged.

Some brands, like Nike, are already considering changes.

Nike has said it will no longer let people sell their posts on its website.

There’s a long history of people complaining about people selling off their Facebook posts and other social media content to…

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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