Hulu, ad-free Hulu no ads

Hulu is starting to remove ads from its popular streaming video service and is looking to replace them with an ad-supported model, according to reports from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal.

Hulu was launched in 2009, and in March, it began offering a premium subscription service, which offers ad-blocking capabilities.

Now, it has added an ad blocker to its service, as well as a premium tier that offers the ability to stream ad-blockers and other ad-targeting tools.

Hulu’s ad-based model is being phased out in a planned move to an adless model, Bloomberg reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Hulu declined to comment on the Bloomberg report.

Google News also reported that Hulu is testing a new ad-matching tool that could help users find ads in other videos on Hulu.

“We have been looking at new ways to partner with ad networks and content providers to help them target ads for their content,” Hulu Chief Content Officer Scott Goldfarb told The Wall St Journal.

“This is a very small step in that direction.

We are not going to have a complete ad-platform solution.”

Google reported in March that Hulu was “pushing hard” to offer an ad service.

“Hulu is looking at a broader suite of solutions, including a suite of tools to offer advertising on the platform,” Google said at the time.

Hulu said it “will be rolling out an ad system to replace the current Hulu ad-driven model in the near future,” Bloomberg reported.

It’s unclear when Hulu plans to roll out the new ad system.

Hulu is starting to remove ads from its popular streaming video service and is looking to replace them with an…

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