How to Make a Simple, High-Quality Home Video for $5 on YouTube

Tom’s weekly video ad.

Tom’s weekly ad.

The video Tom made for the Lincoln Project for $25 on YouTube.

Tom made a video for the HomeAdvisor HomeAdvisors.

Tom makes a video that shows how to create a home video for a home ad campaign.

Tom gives a walkthrough for creating a HomeAdvisory home ad for an online service.

Tom creates a Home ad for a company.

Tom explains how to set up a HomeVideo for a business.

Tom shares how to build a Home video for an ad.

How to Create a Video for a Home Ad with YouTube and YouTube Ads article Tom created a video ad for the American Cancer Society to share information on the American Red Cross’s Red Cross Kids Campaign.

Tom created a Home Video ad for HomeAdvance for a campaign to help people get the right tools to keep their homes healthy.

Tom helps create a Homevideo ad for Bluebird HomeAdvertising to promote its product line.

Tom sets up a video to promote the New England Lobster Company to promote their products.

Tom shows how the company can create a video and share it with customers.

Tom guides customers through the creation of a video.

Tom discusses how to setup a Home VIDEO for a video marketing campaign.

The American Cancer Network uses HomeAdvantage to help viewers get the most from their TV.

Tom demonstrates how to make a video using HomeAds for a commercial.

Tom builds a video about the HomeWatch program to share how to watch the Home Watch program and get more information about it.

Tom talks about HomeWatch.

Tom walks through the Home watch application to get more details on how to use HomeWatch and to make more videos.

Tom provides a walk-through of the Homewatch app.

Tom is in the office while talking to a colleague.

Tom checks a report for an article about the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Tom breaks down the U of T student-to-faculty ratio.

Tom looks over the information in a chart to get a better idea of how much of a difference it makes to a student’s life.

Tom uses a video from a Home watch app to show how to configure HomeWatch to show the video to a group of people.

Tom describes the home watch app.

Tom uses the Home screen for the first time.

Tom takes a look at how to control HomeWatch through the video.

Tom’s weekly video ad.Tom’s weekly ad.The video Tom made for the Lincoln Project for $25 on YouTube.Tom made a video…

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