When McDonald’s gets hit by the food safety crisis

Free speech is under attack at McDonald’s, the company that is being sued by food safety advocates and consumers over a recall for a popular burger.

A federal judge ruled that the recall was illegal because it violated a 2015 federal law protecting Americans’ right to free speech.

McDonald’s says the ruling is a setback to the company’s ability to promote healthy food in a fast-food industry.

The company says the lawsuit will cost it more than $200 million.

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration ordered the recall of nearly 50 million pounds of the popular Big Mac, which has been recalled for containing genetically engineered bacteria.

The food, which comes in 1.5-ounce containers, is sold in the U.S. and Canada.

The company says it was alerted to a “higher than normal” level of bacteria in the Big Mac last month by a company employee, but that the employee did not take action to identify the source of the problem.

The recall comes after more than 500 million Big Macs have been recalled.

The food safety lawsuit filed by Consumers Union (CUNY) and Consumers Union’s sister company, Food & Wine, accuses McDonald’s of deceiving consumers about the safety of its products by not alerting consumers to the contamination before it was recalled.

According to the lawsuit, McDonald’s was not notified that it had a “high likelihood” of causing food poisoning.

The lawsuit also claims that the company failed to alert consumers that the product had been contaminated by genetically engineered bugs that could cause illness.

“McDonald’s misled consumers by not informing consumers that McDonald’s products contain a known source of dangerous bacteria, namely genetically engineered, bacteria,” the lawsuit said.

“McDonalds also failed to inform consumers that its Big Mac product had not been recalled prior to McDonald’s announcement that the products contained the genetically engineered strains.”

The company’s statement about the contamination is misleading, it said, adding that it is “a significant and serious risk to consumers” and that it has taken immediate steps to address the issue.

The FDA said it is reviewing the lawsuit and “will not be commenting further at this time.”

The Big Mac was a popular food for decades.

It was the first hamburger to be promoted with the slogan “Made with Big Mac’s Original Cheese.”

The recall is a blow to McDonalds, which is one of the world’s biggest burger chains, having opened more than 2,000 stores in the United States since 2010.

Its sales have more than tripled in the past three years to more than 6.5 billion pounds of burgers sold in 2016.

McDonald was one of a number of fast food chains that have been sued over the recall.

A California court last year ordered that McDonalds stop selling its Big Apple burgers because of the contamination.

Free speech is under attack at McDonald’s, the company that is being sued by food safety advocates and consumers over…

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