Adverts for the Rs. 3,000 crore Rs. 1,000-crore Vipassana Gana Parishad (VGP) are showing up for sale

Adverts appearing in Google News for the VGP have been showing up on various online news portals across the country as the Vipas movement continues its fast-paced march to power in the state of Tamil Nadu.

In a post on Thursday, the BJP-ruled Tamil Nadu government said the ads are part of its campaign for the 2017 assembly polls, which will be held in the district of Nagaraj, where the VHP and the Samajwadi Party (SP) are contesting.

“VGP leaders are trying to raise their profile in the public domain to raise funds for their campaign.

The VGP has also launched a public awareness campaign.

VGP is the largest political party in Tamil Nadu and the BJP has promised to ensure their electoral success,” the BJP spokesperson said in a tweet.

Adverts appearing on the popular news portal Flipkart and other sites have been making the rounds, with the news of VGP advertisements appearing on Flipkarts adverts.

In a post, Flipkarte said it had started airing VGP adverts in its online ad network.

The VGP, a Hindu nationalist political party founded by Congress leader Manohar Parrikar in 1984, has been the dominant political force in the states of Tamil and Andhra Pradesh for a decade, leading to clashes between its supporters and its opponents.

The party has been in power since the 2014 state polls.

The BJP has been campaigning against the Vips movement, which has come to be seen as a “national” movement of the RSS and Hindu right-wing groups in India, and the RSS’ anti-Hindu agenda.

Adverts appearing in Google News for the VGP have been showing up on various online news portals across the country…

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