Facebook ads size issue for Lincoln Project

The social network says it is scaling down its ad campaigns on the Lincoln Project to prevent the social media giant from overbilling users.

Facebook, which was recently fined $500 million by the Justice Department over its advertising practices, said Wednesday that it is reducing the size of ads on the platform by “a factor of 20.”

“We’re looking at ways to reduce ad sizes and ads that run in different locations across different timezones across different regions of the world,” Facebook senior vice president of marketing Nick Lang told reporters at the company’s annual general meeting.

“We can scale those down across a number of different ad types, which we think is important for people to have access to.”

Facebook said it will not be using ads on Lincoln Project content unless it has a direct relationship with the Lincoln Foundation, which manages the project.

The company also said it would not be supporting or paying for content that it knew was hosted on the site.

“There are no ads in this content,” Lang said.

“That content is hosted by our own community.”

Facebook previously said it is testing a new ad size rule, which would allow the social network to scale down ads in Lincoln Project ads.

Lang said the company is also testing a rule that would allow it to scale up ads in the project’s other ads.

“You’ll be seeing more and more of these,” Lang told the audience, referring to ad size reductions.

Lang also said that the Lincoln project would be scaling down the amount of content that is hosted on Facebook’s platform.

Facebook announced the change to the advertising rules in November after receiving a letter from the Justice Dept. In the letter, the DOJ said the social networks’ ad sales violated federal anti-trust law.

Lang denied the allegation that the social platforms were violating the law.

“The company that we’re working with has never broken any laws,” Lang replied.

Facebook has long tried to reduce its ads. “

When you’re a part of a network and you’re not a party to any agreements, you’re in a position to say, ‘What is the right thing to do?'”

Facebook has long tried to reduce its ads.

In September, Lang said that Facebook would be reducing the amount that it sells to advertisers by 50 percent.

Facebook has been criticized by civil rights advocates for the amount it spends to support the Lincoln Initiative, which is run by a group of Lincoln native and alumni.

The group said it spent $4.7 million to sponsor the project in the first quarter of 2016.

Lang told investors in November that the company has reduced its ad spending by more than $200 million.

The social media company said it also was making changes to the content it allows to be hosted on its platform, including blocking ads from a number or a specific type of content.

Lang added that the ad rules would not change how advertisers are able to promote on Facebook, such as through direct interactions or through sponsored content.

“This is not changing how advertisers work,” Lang reiterated.

“It’s just changing the way they advertise on Facebook.”

The social network says it is scaling down its ad campaigns on the Lincoln Project to prevent the social media…

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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