New ad targeting ads to target millennials

It’s hard to know what to make of Google’s latest ad targeting changes.

After all, they seem to be targeting a different audience: the ad tech community.

Google is making it easier for advertisers to target their ad to younger, more tech-savvy users, while still keeping a clear distinction between “traditional” and “new” ads.

The move is part of a broader strategy to attract millennials to its platform.

And that strategy has taken a little while to get going.

The company first introduced its ad targeting features to advertisers in late 2013, and it launched a pilot program in April that focused on targeting older users.

That pilot program ended in early June.

A week later, Google rolled out a new pilot program called “Ads for Advertisers,” in which advertisers can target their ads to anyone between 18 and 35.

The changes also came as Google was working on a new ad technology called DoubleClick that it hoped would enable ads to appear anywhere in the world.

“We wanted to show the world the power of the AdSense platform,” said Mike McCready, director of global advertising at Google, in a video announcing the changes.

“Advertisers can reach more people across a variety of platforms and devices.”

The new ad targeting will roll out over the next few weeks.

The new approach Google has taken to its ad network is similar to what Facebook has been doing for the last two years, in that it’s focused on making its ads as relevant to younger users as possible.

It doesn’t have an explicit targeting policy.

Google says the ad targeting system will work on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Windows Phone, and on devices running Google Chrome.

Google isn’t saying exactly what ads will be targeted.

The ads will show up in different ways on mobile devices, though Google has hinted at an “optimized” ad for mobile phones, as opposed to an “ad-free” ad.

Google said the new ad system will make it easier to target younger, tech-focused users, and the company plans to roll it out on the Chrome browser on the desktop as well.

The goal is to get ads to users who may be using older devices or devices with low battery life, McCready said.

The idea of ads targeting younger, less tech-capable users is a big deal for Google, because advertisers have been targeting older people for years.

The advertising company has been targeting younger users for years, McCreary said.

“In fact, advertisers have done a great job in targeting the younger, non-tech demographic in the past, and we’re hoping to be even more successful in that category.”

But Google isn also working on another feature for the ads that will be available to advertisers on mobile phones as well: the ability to choose the ads you want to appear next to the ads in a menu bar.

That will help advertisers reach more of their potential users with a single ad, as well as make it possible for them to reach more users with different ads.

But the ads themselves will only appear on phones running Chrome, not on older Android devices.

Google’s new ad network will be the first time that the company will offer ads on any device, and that means it will be one of the first to offer ads for a specific age group.

In its announcement, Google said that the new system will be rolled out to users in Europe, North America, and Australia, but McCready wouldn’t say which countries.

He also wouldn’t tell us which countries will be able to take advantage of it, though he said Google is working with them on a plan.

“As we get closer to launch, we will continue to work closely with advertisers and partners to ensure we have the most relevant and powerful advertising on the platform,” McCreery said.

It’s hard to know what to make of Google’s latest ad targeting changes.After all, they seem to be targeting a…

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