Nasa ads are the best thing ever: The best Nasa ads ever?

An advert for a Nasa space shuttle ad that’s been running on YouTube since 2012 is now the best ad of all time. 

The clip features astronauts from all six NASA missions and includes some amazing music.

The advert, titled “Welcome to the Moon”, was uploaded to YouTube in February 2014 and has been viewed more than 16 million times.

It’s one of only three NASA space shuttle commercial spots to have been uploaded to the site since it was launched in 1998.

The space shuttle was launched on the Atlas V rocket and landed on the Moon in 1969, setting the stage for the American space program to become a global success.

It is one of the most famous space missions of all times, having sent people into orbit around the planet.

But the space shuttle has also been plagued by technical problems and its mission has been overshadowed by the recent retirement of its iconic spacesuit.

The shuttle has had more than 100 accidents since its debut, including a series of accidents on the launch pad during its final launch in 2011.

The Space Shuttle Challenger accident on launch pad 39A.

The accident caused the loss of the shuttle’s main engines, which were intended to lift the spacecraft to a height of 1,250 metres (4,800 feet).

The accident also caused severe damage to the spacecraft’s main power unit and crew capsule, which had to be recovered and refurbished.

After the accident, NASA ordered an external inspection of the space station and the space shuttles’ crew modules, which included the crew suits and flight suits. 

A new crew suit is being developed for the space suit.

“In the aftermath of the Challenger accident, astronauts were told that the suit could be made to withstand extreme conditions, but it didn’t work out that way,” the space shuttle website explains.

“The crew suits were tested by astronauts in the shuttle before being sent to space and then they were returned to Earth.”

The new NASA suits are still not fully tested, but Nasa has released an online video of the new suits.

The new astronaut suit is now available for purchase on NASA’s website.

“A year ago today, we launched a new shuttle, the shuttle Discovery.

It is a great piece of hardware, designed by our partners and designed to be the safest space shuttle ever built,” Space shuttle program official Scott Kelly said in a statement.

“Today, NASA has put together a very strong, beautiful, well-designed new shuttle.

It has flown successfully and safely to the International Space Station.

The new crew suits are the only parts of the Space Shuttle Discovery that haven’t been damaged.”

The commercial space shuttle will be decommissioned in 2018, but will be rebuilt with a new design.NASA also recently announced it is considering the decommissioning of the next shuttle, which was originally scheduled for launch in 2020.

The launch window for the commercial space shuttle is now about 10 years, but the agency has no plans to make a decision on the next commercial shuttle until the end of 2019, NASA officials said.

An advert for a Nasa space shuttle ad that’s been running on YouTube since 2012 is now the best ad…

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