How to spot an ad that’s costing you a fortune

You’ve seen an ad for a £3 bottle of champagne and decided to buy it.

You’ve clicked through the ad, bought it and enjoyed the view.

You’re probably not thinking much of the ad at the moment, but in fact you’ve bought the ad.

If you’re reading this you might not even realise how much you’ve been spending on adverts and you might even think the ad is a waste of money.

But if you’re a retailer and you see an ad costing you more than £3, it’s a sign that the ad has an effect that is being overlooked by the average shopper.

If your shopper buys the ad and it turns out they’re actually saving money then you might be able to spot the scam.

The Ad Fraud and Advertising Fraud Section of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has produced this handy guide that tells you which ads have been shown to be misleading, how much they cost and what you should do if you spot a scam. 

To avoid buying a fake ad You should be aware that, if you click through the link, you are actually buying an ad.

This means that, even if you aren’t buying an item, you have been tricked into thinking you are.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it’s the ad’s purpose that is misleading.

This can include things like: showing a product you don’t want to buy or a discount code to buy the same item

You’ve seen an ad for a £3 bottle of champagne and decided to buy it.You’ve clicked through the ad, bought…

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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