How Gillette Ads Helped Drive the Price Down for Sportsswear

The price of sports gear has fallen sharply over the past few months, with Amazon (AMZN) announcing its own sports gear ad campaign and selling Gillette’s new ad-free range.

But now, it seems like Gillette has gotten back to its roots, and its ad-supported range of athletic wear, too.

Gillette says that it has sold more than 500 million pairs of the new ad free Gillette Athletic Super Classic Pro sports gear over the last year, with the majority of those sales coming from its ad free range, the Pro Classic, which retails for $169.99.

Gil’s ad-based product lineup will be available for $69.99 through August, and then a new, ad-less line of Gillette gear will be launching in the coming weeks.

Gil has been the go-to source for some of the best-selling athletic wear in recent memory, including the Gillette Warrior, the Gillet, and the Gillett Premium.

It was also the most expensive sporting wear retailer, at $169 per pair, according to the data.

For a full review of Gil’s new sports gear, check out the ESPN Cri/GMA video above.

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The price of sports gear has fallen sharply over the past few months, with Amazon (AMZN) announcing its own sports…

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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