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The U.S. is the second-most expensive place to buy a home in the world, according to data released Monday by real estate firm Zillow. 

The U.K. came in third, with an average price of $5,817, while the United States ranked fourth, with a $4,099 average.

The Zillows data, based on an analysis of over 13,000 homes in the U.T., was published by the real estate giant. 

According to Zillower, the average price for a home sold in the United Kingdom in 2019 was $4.5 million, which was a 4.1% increase from 2019. 

On the flip side, in 2019, Zillowed found that the average house price in the country dropped by 11% year-over-year. 

“The U-shaped house market has seen many factors that have contributed to a fall in demand, but one factor is affordability, which is a measure of a house’s affordability relative to other comparable properties,” ZillOW said.

“We expect the average home price to be below $5 million by 2022.” 

For those in the UK who are looking to buy their first home, the Zillovores report found that a large majority of buyers were looking for a second home in a larger area. 

But affordability can be a tricky topic for some buyers to understand. 

Zillow, which specializes in home shopping, found that for those buying for first time buyers, the median price of a new home is $100,000. 

That is a slight increase from the $93,000 median home price of new home buyers in 2018. 

For the median age of buyers, buyers were also more likely to be looking for an area of the country that was cheaper to live in. 

When looking at the average selling price of the most expensive homes, Zellow found that London and the U-S.-based New York had the highest average selling prices. 

This trend could be due to the fact that a bigger percentage of the buyers were millennials, with more people moving to London, the report found. 

And, of course, affordability could also be a factor in the rising popularity of online shopping, with Zillowing finding that only 7% of the homes sold in London were bought online. 

However, Zilow found a significant increase in the number of homes that were sold by people who lived outside of the UK. 

In the United Sates, Zills analysis found that in 2019 there were approximately 12,000 new homes sold by those who lived in other countries. 

Among those homes, the U2 singer Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sold the most homes, with 7,000 and 7,500 respectively. 

While the average prices of homes sold online were also higher, Zillaow found there were fewer sales in the USA. 

Although there were a handful of homes listed for sale in New York, it was not the most popular location to buy. 

Only 5% of homes for sale were in New Jersey, and 1% were in Florida, the least popular location. 

Despite the high number of sales, Zillerow found the average sales price of homes was still well below the average for homes sold directly through a broker. 

Some of the reasons behind the high sales price in NYC were the city’s high prices and the fact many sellers had an active Facebook account. 

Overall, ZILLOW found that buyers were more likely than buyers in other regions to have a strong desire for a particular location.

The U.S. is the second-most expensive place to buy a home in the world, according to data released Monday by…

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