When it comes to advertising, the ad industry is about more than just what it says…

Mashable – A growing number of consumers are getting sick of hearing about the latest tech gadgets that make them look good on their screens, and they want to know more about what they’re buying, says Mark Karpman, a senior analyst at Forrester Research.

The new ad industry’s growing visibility has created a whole new market for marketers, he says.

“We’re seeing a lot more product ads and an even more growing number from companies that are making money on that product,” says Karpmen, who has been a research analyst at the research firm since 2015.

But he warns that the ads that are getting attention aren’t all that great.

“There are some products out there that are just not as interesting,” he says, adding that the biggest problem is that consumers don’t know what to look for when they look at an ad.

For instance, a recent ad campaign for Apple’s iPhone X, which will be released in November, features a series of images that show the iPhone X as an orange and black-colored iPhone 8 Plus, with a logo that says “iPhone X.”

But when consumers look closer at the ad, they see something that’s a little more interesting, like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ in the background, with different colors.

Apple’s ad strategy, Karpmans said, is to present all the best parts of the iPhone family — the OLED screen, the metal body, the new fingerprint sensor, the curved screen — in one spot.

But the way consumers see the iPhone is often misleading, Karsmans says.

When you look at the image, you’re not seeing the entire picture, he adds.

The most popular ad that has been widely reported so far has been for a clothing line called Forever 21.

In it, the line’s owner, Forever 21, promotes its new line of shoes and shorts, with bright colors and the brand’s logo on the bottom of the shoe.

But when you compare the shoes in the ad with the ones on Forever 21’s website, it’s clear that the brand is trying to sell its shoes in a misleading way.

“It’s a very clever, clever ad,” says Jason Wieser, a digital strategist at Wiesers Strategic Marketing Group.

“But they’ve done it in a very misleading way.”

And for the wrong reasons.

“People aren’t looking for a high-quality product,” Wiesesterer says.

Instead, they’re looking for something that will look good and be stylish.

Wieserche says that consumers are often frustrated by ads that offer a quick fix or one that gives them a product they can buy in a couple of minutes.

The best way to make sure you’re getting the product you want is to buy from a trusted brand, he explains.

If you don’t trust the brand, there’s no way you’ll be satisfied.

“You have to trust your instincts,” he adds, adding, “The more you do that, the more you’ll buy from brands that you trust.”

Mashable – A growing number of consumers are getting sick of hearing about the latest tech gadgets that make them…

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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