The new Android TV game coming to the Google Play Store in March 2018

Play the new Android game coming in March for free on Google Play.

With the launch of the Android TV, Google Play is getting more of an emphasis on its original games than it was before.

That said, there are some games coming out this month that have already been available for Android TV.

Here’s a look at some of the best of the lot. 

Android TV Games: 1. 

Carnival Tycoon: Game of the Year Edition Crocodile Tycoon is a top-down, real-time, arcade-style board game where players take on the role of carnival workers. 

The game is a great alternative to the Android-powered Android TV games, and it’s also free to play. 

You can play it right from your phone, but it requires Android OS 3.2 or higher.


Ridge Racer 4 Rider’s Ride to the Top is a fast-paced, racing game where riders race to complete challenges.

It’s available in English and Japanese. 


Fatal Attraction A classic arcade game that can be played on Android TV as well. 

It has a variety of levels, including a speed-running challenge and a puzzle level. 


Hot Wheels: Road Trip Hot wheels are fun cars with different wheels, and Hot Wheels Road Trip is one of those.

You can drive around the game world, which is essentially a mini-map of the streets of the city. 


Dishonored 2 The original Dishonored was a game where you could choose one of three main characters, and play as whichever of the three you chose.

The game was later remade with new and improved graphics and new voice-over. 


Final Fantasy VII Remake Remake version of the classic Final Fantasy VII, and the remake is coming to Android TV in March. 


Star Wars Battlefront 2 Battlefront 2 is the sequel to Star Wars: The Old Republic that’s being remade for Android TVs. 


Walking Dead: Season 2 This new Walking Dead game is coming out on Android devices this month, and players will take on a variety that includes a zombie apocalypse and the post-apocalyptic landscape of the postapocalyptic wasteland. 


Marvel: Avengers Assemble This is the second Avengers game to be available on Android TVs in 2017. 

10. Ascension A second-person, action-RPG that’s free to download and play.

It also comes with a few optional side-missions to help you survive the post apocalyptic world. 


Killing Floor 2 Killer is coming for Android tablets, smartphones, and PCs in March, and is also free. 


Lords of the Fallen Lands of Destiny is an open world game that is set in the far future where players can explore the world as the lord of a kingdom. 


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft The first Hearthstone game for Android has been free to the public for the last three months, and you can play as either the titular hero or the druid. 


Chrono Trigger Chances are you’ve played this classic game before, and this is another one you should check out.

It is a puzzle platformer that features a variety to play, and can be completed in about 10-15 minutes. 


Mortal Kombat X Might be the most well-known and highest-grossing Mortal Kombat game on Android. 


Battlefield 1: Modern Warfare Remastered The latest Battlefield title from Electronic Arts comes to Android devices in March with a free update. 


Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag It’s the latest in the Assassin’s Creed series, and here’s another one that will have you playing on Android or iOS. 


Super Mario Maker Super Nintendo Classic Mini Mario has been a popular series for Android, but this game is even more popular with Android TV owners. 


X-Men: Apocalypse The X-Men are coming to a whole new generation of Android TVs with this game that features all new characters and a whole lot of new gameplay. 


Dragon Ball FighterZ XBGM FighterZ is coming this month to Android TVs, and will be free to purchase. 


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare This game is also coming to Google Play on March 21, and all the DLC that came with the game will be available to play for free. 


Resident Evil: Revelations Residence Evil: Shadows of the Damned is coming in April for Android devices. 


Minecraft: Pocket Edition Minecraft Pocket Edition is coming later this month for Android phones and tablets. 24. 

Play the new Android game coming in March for free on Google Play.With the launch of the Android TV, Google…

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