Google Ad Manager says it has no intention of removing Apple’s ad-serving system

Google has defended its ad-managing system, which it says is used by the world’s top websites.

Google is one of the largest advertisers on the internet and is the owner of AdSense, which enables sites to get paid for ads.

In a blog post published on Tuesday, Google’s Ad Manager for Adwords, Chris Hickey, said: “We do not have a policy against Apple’s App Store or AdSense.

AdSense is a trusted service by millions of sites.

It’s the largest platform for ad serving.

It is built on trust.”

He added that he would be happy to remove Apple’s AdSense service if the company did not agree to remove its own advertising platform, which Google uses to charge companies to deliver content to their users.

The two companies do not share any code or design and Google does not have control over AdSense’s design or code.

Google did not provide any evidence that Apple’s system was in violation of Google’s Terms of Service.

In an interview with Wired, Google Ad Managers CEO Richard Hickey also defended Google’s ad serving system, saying that it was built on “trust”.

He said: It is important to note that Google has been an ad serving provider for over 100 years, we’ve built many ad serving solutions that have been used by hundreds of millions of websites.

He added: It’s not about removing Google’s system, it’s about ensuring that the people who use our system can trust it.

Mr Hickey told Wired: We built it to be able to work with Google and Google is a partner of ours.

We want to give our customers trust.

He continued: We’ve had a relationship with Google for quite some time.

“We’ve had some issues with Google in the past, and I think that has to do with our relationship with them.

We have to understand that they are one of our largest advertisers.”

The ad-sales platform used by Google’s top 10 websites is called AdSense and has more than 200 million active users.

In December, the company said it had received a warning from the US Federal Trade Commission about Apple’s policy, which was not related to its AdSense product.

Apple has since said that it had “decided not to comply” with the warning and Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook said on Monday that he had “not seen evidence of this”.

Apple has argued that Apple has a legal right to restrict advertising for its services.

In November, Apple sued Google in a US court, arguing that the terms of its ad serving agreement meant that Google could not prevent Apple from displaying adverts on its websites.

The case was brought by Apple, and Apple has also been under investigation by US authorities.

Google has argued in its complaint that it is the only major ad platform that has “always been free to provide content for use on its sites”, and Apple is only one of a number of large companies that have also used its platform.

Google also argues that Apple should have given a clear and unambiguous reason for its decision not to remove AdSense advertising.

In its complaint, Google said that the company’s ad services had “overwhelmingly been provided by Google” and that it did not have the resources to “fix” the problems.

The US Department of Justice has not yet commented on the complaint.

Google has defended its ad-managing system, which it says is used by the world’s top websites.Google is one of the…

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