When you’re not playing, Nike is giving away its sneakers

The Nike ad featuring Fred Meyers and the words “The Nike Ad” are on the left, with a pair of low-top sneakers adorning the left side of the screen.

In the middle, there’s an image of a Nike ad from 2013, which shows a pair with an arrow pointing to the right.

The ad is from 2014, and the shoe is the Adidas Flyknit.

The ad, which is not available to view on YouTube, has a brief introduction to Meyers’ Nike ad.

“You know, it’s a nice day out,” Meyers says in the ad.

“It’s sunny out.

You walk down the street.

You don’t notice anyone.”

The ad shows Meyers with a blue Nike Flyknit, which looks very similar to the Adidas Air Zoom.

It features a low-profile logo and a Nike logo on the upper.

Meyers is wearing it under a blue jacket.

The ad ends with Meyers walking down the sidewalk, as a lone man sits nearby.

A woman sits behind Meyers, looking down at the shoe.

In the Nike ad, Meyers tells the man, “You know what I love about you?

You know what, I’m not your typical shoe.”

The woman, who has long been a fan of the ad, says, “I love the color blue.”

Meyers then points to the pair of sneakers.

The man says, “’cause it’s blue.

And I’m wearing the same blue sneakers that you wear.”

The man tells Meyers to keep walking, saying, “No matter what you do, you can’t do anything to change this.”

The Nike ad ends.

The Nike ad featuring Fred Meyers and the words “The Nike Ad” are on the left, with a pair of…

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